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Even people who exercise regularly and have healthy diets can find it difficult to shed those last few pounds. Body contouring is a series of innovative treatments that target and eliminate fat, even in the most stubborn places. If you’re considering body contouring treatment, contact Dr. Maninder Guram at the Texas Health and Lifestyle Center in Tomball, Texas, today.

Body Contouring Q & A



What is body contouring?

Body contouring is an innovative new school of medical weight loss where fat is dissolved, and skin is tightened. Treatments are typically non-invasive, allow for shorter appointments than surgery, and require much less recovery time.

Body contouring treatments can make you feel years younger, give you a renewed sense of self, and help you get the body you’ve always wanted. They include:

If you’re considering body contouring as a way to transform your body, contact the Texas Health and Lifestyle Center today. Dr. Guram will assess your goals and find the right treatment for you.

What can I expect during a body contouring treatment?

Most body contouring treatments use a combination of infrared light, radio frequency energy, and a vacuum, which work together to heat fat cells and collagen fibers deeply. This disrupts the fat cells and stimulates the production of collagen in the body. Because the energy can effectively destroy fat cells, patients can expect:

  • A leaner body
  • Tighter Skin
  • Smoother skin
  • Improved skin structure


Many patients compare the feeling of receiving body contouring treatments to that of a warm deep-tissue massage. Because the frequency of energy is adjustable, it is unlikely that this warming sensation will ever reach a level of discomfort. Some patients still feel this warming sensation and experience pink skin for a few hours after treatment. This is normal.

Body contouring is a fast, effective way to reduce stubborn body fat. If you’ve been dieting and exercising but still can’t lose those extra few pounds, contact Dr. Guram today.

Can body contouring help treat cellulite?

Dimpling of the skin, also known as cellulite, can be unsightly and can make you feel less confident in your swimsuit body. Fortunately, body contouring treatments are also a great way to reduce cellulite, as those dimples are made up of fat cells.

Every body contouring procedure the Texas Health and Lifestyle Center provides can help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Guram today, and find out which body contouring treatment is right for you.

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